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Nu-Foam Tablets
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Nu-Foam Tablets
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One 8oz bottle containing 100 tablets and produces
150 gallons of sanitizing solution!
- It's easy to use.
Simply use 1 tablet per 1½ gallons of warm water to accurately and easily prepare your sanitizing solutions at the proper concentration level required by US Health Department regulations (200 ppm and 99.999% bacteria kill in 30 seconds).
Turns blue
- It turns water blue.
Tablets dissolve in water producing a distinct, clear, pale blue colour which tells operators and health inspectors at a glance that the sanitizer is in the final rinse sink.
Thumbs up
- It won't irritate hands.
The sanitizing solution is non-irritating to the hands, non-corrosive to metals, non- staining and odourless.
- It's super concentrated.
The solution is long lasting, solves the guess work involved in measuring and eliminates the risk of creating a solution which is too strong or too weak. Prevents loss from breakage, spillage or waste. All these advantages are available at an economic cost for only pennies per gallon.

One case of six bottles produces 900 gallons of sanitizing solution which is the equivalent of (sixteen 55 gallon drums). These convenient tablets eliminate the handling and storage of bulky sanitizers.

The rinse aid additive is a water softener and allows the water to sheet off pots, pans, glasses etc. faster, resulting in less spots and streaks.
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