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Nu-Foam Sanitizer
Our unique quaternary sanitizer in concentrated tablet form has been tested and evaluated under strict EPA testing protocols. It is the first sanitizing product developed, that has been accepted and registered by the EPA as being effective in killing not only infectious bacteria but the HIV-1 (AIDS) virus as well. It is designed for easy and accurate preparation of an effective sanitizing solution, as required by the US Health Department regulations. Our tablet is formulated expressly for sanitizing food contact surfaces and equipment in restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals, daycares, schools, gyms and manufacturing environments.
check The tablet is registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection agency) as required by law to ensure that when used as directed it proves effective as claimed, without causing unreasonable adverse effects to humans or the environment.
check This product fulfills the sanitizing criteria of the USPHS (US Public Health Service) when tested by the official method in waters of 500ppm hardness.
check The tablet has received FDA (Food and Drug Administration) acceptance under the Code of Federal Regulations for safe use as a sanitizer on food processing equipment and utensils and other contact surfaces.
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