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Testimonial 1

As we continue to strive to achieve the highest level of safety and quality for the foods we manufacture at AML we depend highly on supplier guarantee.

We started using Nu-Foam Sanitizing tablets a few months ago and we have not been disappointed. The no spots, no streaks promise has been nothing but the truth. Our glass bottles after being sanitized in the Nu-Foam solution comes out squeaky clean and sparkling. There has been so far no trace of residue but most importantly all microbiological test results have been negative.

We have been using Nu-Foam to sanitize all our food contact surfaces and the results have been tremendous.

As a part of our Covid 19 protocol AML has purchased electrostatic sprayers for the sanitization of the entire plant using the Nu-Foam sanitizing tablets. The tablets leave no residue and it has no odor that may cause allergic reactions or discomfort.

Best Regards,

Donna Diah-Hall
Quality Assurance Officer/SQF Practitioner/PCQ--


Testimonial 2

My name is Naala Royale and I was a former marketing Vice President of a major multi-billion dollar food service company. I now own and operate a Caribbean Restaurant in New York called Dunns River Lounge.

My restaurant fully endorses the Nu-Foam Sanitizing tablet which we use to clean and sanitize all of our glassware and silverware. There is no other product on the market that actually eliminates the streaks and spots on all our silverware. Because it is in tablet form and simply requires dropping 1 tablet in 1 1/2 gallons of warm water, it is easy for my staff to use and is extremely cost effective. We use it to sanitize all our stainless steel surfaces and counter tops and it works better than any other product I know of.

We also use the Nu-Foam liquid detergent and I am a raving fan. Lipstick stains on glasses are one of the biggest pet peeves for me when trying to uphold high standards for the Dunns River Lounge brand to my customers. The Nu-Foam liquid detergent is the only product I know of on the market that truly removes the stains on glasses and saves me a lot of time and money.

Naala Royale
Restaurant Owner
Dunns River Lounge Inc
93 North Park Ave
Rockville Centre, NY 11579
(516) 764-6540


Testimonial 3

At Altamont west hotel we take pride in the accommodations and service offered to our local and overseas guests. Our hotel uses Evergreens' laundry detergents to launder our bed linen and towels and the results are beautifully cleaned items that are fresh, soft and brilliantly white. We have received numerous compliments from our guests on the condition of these items which added to their comfort and overall experience during their stay with us. We endorse Evergreen Cleaning & Sanitizing Solutions and highly recommend the use of their laundry detergents.

Sheryl Samuels
Hotel Manager
33 Gloucester Avenue
Montego bay Jamaica
(876) 979-9378


Testimonial 4

As the owner of a growing eclectic restaurant in Long Beach, New York, I cater to an environmentally conscious clientele. My responsibility to them is to provide an establishment that meets the standards they expect. In keeping with this, it is imperative that I use products that fulfill the US health department standards.

Essential to my business is the maintenance of a dining and kitchen environment that is pristine with respect to cleanliness, not only for the health and happiness of our customers but also for the health of our staff.

We use the Liquid Kitchen Detergent, Pre-Soak Silver Dip, Sanitizing Tablets and the low low suds to ensure our food contact surfaces and articles (plates, pots, pans, utensils and glasses) are properly cleaned and sanitized with the best products in the market today.

We use the Heavy Duty Liquid Laundry Detergent to get rid of food related soils on our tablecloths and napkins. This has also proven to be a great product for use on the clothing of our kitchen staff which is exposed to food related soils.

The pre-soak silver dip is a fantastic product which removes all the tarnish from cutlery which all restaurant owners know are a concern to them and their clientele. Nothing is worse than having flatware on a table which begs to be wiped before use because they look dull.

I recommend the use of these products to all owners and operators of restaurants and food service establishments. These products not only do the job they are supposed to do but they will begin saving you money once you commit to using them.

Alan Adams
Restaurant Owner
Sugo Café, New York
(516) 431-SUGO


Testimonial 5

At Robin’s Prime Steakhouse we pride ourselves on service, quality and cleanliness. Our beautifully decorated dining area provides the ultimate culinary experience to our guests that will have your taste buds begging for more. We use Evergreen's products to ensure that our flatware, tableware and glassware are at the standard which reflects our commitment to excellence.

In the kitchen we use the Evergreen liquid kitchen detergent and Nu-Foam sanitizing tablets in our 3 compartment sink station. This combination leaves our articles such as (plates, pots, pans, flatware and glassware) sparkling clean. The detergent is great at cutting grease and the sanitizing tablets are the ultimate in killing bacteria. The yield that we enjoy per 1 gallon bottle of detergent is a staggering 2 1/2 weeks. This is accomplished by the use of Evergreen’s wall mounted Pro-fill dispenser that efficiently mixes the wash solution and eliminates human error which is normally associated with free hand pouring. We use the Evergreen Silver Dip to brighten and maintain the sheen and luster of our flatware which is critical to the overall dining experience.

We are very happy with Evergreen's commitment to 24/7 customer service and endorse the use of their detergents, sanitizers and dispensing equipment for restaurants and commercial kitchens where product, price, quality and product control are of the utmost importance.

Robin Russell
Restaurant Owner
33 Gloucester Avenue
Montego bay Jamaica
(876) 940-6863


Testimonial 6

I tried using numerous detergents to remove deodorant residue from my clothing and none were successful. However, since I have started using Evergreens' liquid laundry detergent to wash my clothes, I have had no issues with stubborn stains or soils. The detergent has worked wonders, leaving my clothes clean and fresh!

S. Anderson
Retail Customer


Testimonial 7

My name is Sean John I own and operate a restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan called Spur Tree Lounge. 2011 was a benchmark year me and my brand as our braised oxtail was voted by Maxim Magazine as the 2011 # 2 best dinner in America and I was also selected by MACY’s Culinary Council as one of NYC’s top chefs.

At spur tree we pride ourselves providing a true dining experience when you visit us. However this is not solely based on the fine delectables we serve but also the environment in which we do so.

I recommend Evergreen and Nu-Foam line of products to any restaurateur. They are cost effective, efficient and easy to use. We use the Nu-Foam sanitizing tablet to clean and sanitize all of our glassware and dinnerware. The versatility of this product comes in handy as we also use the solution to clean and sanitize our tables and other food contact surfaces.

I'm very impressed with the Evergreen liquid kitchen detergent. It's grease cutting capability is proven true as claimed as it easily removes all grime with seemingly little or no effort.

We also use the machine dish washing powder and I'm pleased with the results. The silverware and glassware comes out sparkling which is a true testament to the quality of the product.

It's refreshing to find products we can depend on that perform their various tasks with excellence every time they are called upon.

Sean John
Restaurant Owner
Spur Tree Lounge
76 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002-4511
(212) 477-9977


Testimonial 8

I pride myself in creating the ultimate dining experience, offering the best service and most importantly providing a clean and healthy environment for my patrons to enjoy. I use the Nu-Foam line of detergents and sanitizers to not only achieve this objective but to also keep up with the benefits of advanced cleaning solutions. They are of the finest quality, easy to use, soft on the hands and very effective. They allow beer retain its head, a feature which any restaurant owner will attest is important to its draft beer customers. The ease with which their detergents remove lipstick stains from our glassware is almost magical. I endorse and recommend the use of these products to any restaurateur, bar/lounge owner or any organization involved in commercial food service industry.

Neil Curtis
Restaurant Owner
Retro Lounge & Grill
10 Brooklyn Ave
Freeport NY, 11520
(516) 867-1100

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